Hey, Miista!

Pretty happy with my new warehouse apartment. It's a 4000 sq ft old boxing gym with high ceilings and amazing decor which means photos galore! Maybe now I won't leave so long between posting...here's to hoping!

Dress - second hand
Shoes - www.miista.com

Hackney Wick.

Me and my housemate Marye ventured to Hackney Wick to meet Helen at Crate Brewery and No.90 and on the way we found this awesome grafitti'd wall! I have no idea why I felt it was so special but I needed to take a photo. The sun was out and I've never seen so many people sprawled out over the banks of the canal and supping cocktails in boats tied to the bar's jetty. I'll be back, for sure! Marye is the most amazing fashion illustrator so she said she might draw some of the posts from my blog, that would be rad! I'll post some in the next few weeks if she does.

Top - Beyond Retro
Skirt - Beyond Retro
Shoes - Converse